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Our strengths

Our strengths are what set us apart from our competitors.


As per our commitment we continuously comply with the regulatory authorities by adhering to SEBI guidelines. Our independent Board adheres to the utmost standard of integrity through which they supervise and monitor the executive management team as per the constitution of the Board Committees as required under law.

Vast, Diverse and Growing Product Selection

We are constantly updating our product portfolio thus ensuring a diversified horizon. We have absolute faith in our skills in identifying and categorizing products, especially when it comes to bulk trading related avenues. Products like Iron & Steel are constantly in demand and can be readily obtained from the manufacturing units.

The Management & Professionals

We are a team made up of multicultural, multilingual and multifaceted people dedicated to providing the best service whenever and wherever. Our core asset is our team of professional and distinguished directors and business managers. Our Director Mr. Mukesh Kumar with over 15 years of experience has a major role in the evolution and expansion of our business. Our widely experienced teams have acquired long standing and consolidated information in their respective areas which enable unrelenting expansion and strengthening of our core competencies.


Durable Associations in the Industry

We are transparent in our dealings and negotiations with clients, suppliers, and employees. Our clear and upright values strengthen the loyalty and trust our associates have in us thus continuing to maintain corporate integrity. Being an established and proficient trader in the Indian market gives us the opportunity to confidently take part in the competition and get assured business with well known names of the industry.